Today I wanted to share something that isn't a full recipe, but more of an ingredient that I'm really liking lately.

I recently had dinner at Matchbox before going to see The Grand Budapest Hotel (it was great!), and had a realy good salad with candied pecans on top. I made some at home recently, and I'm so excited to make another big batch to toss on to salads or let's be real, ice cream.



- 1 cup pecan halves (I used chopped pecans instead) - 2 tablespoons butter - 2 tablespoons brown sugar - 1 teaspoon honey

INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Melt butter in a pan over medium heat 2. Add your pecans to the pan, and coat them in the melted butter 3. Add sugar and stir until caramelized 4. Spread out on wax paper to cool. Drizzle on honey, and sprinkle on an extra pinch or two of sugar while they cool.

Note: be careful - these little guys can start burning quickly!

Recipe adapted from here.