Field and Foundry A few weeks ago, Melissa Hope graciously asked if I would photograph a new venture that she had put together with Laicie of 1000 Threads. Together they have organized Field and Foundry as a way to bring creative locals in the DC/VA/MD area together. Their first event was at the beautiful farm where Melissa grew up, and I was lucky enough to shoot the dinner and evening for them.



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D.C. hasn't always felt like the most creative place to me, but I feel like I've been proven wrong! I'm so happy about meeting all of the attendees and learning about their creative pursuits. These are just a few photos from the event, but if you'd like to read some other recaps then 1000 Threads  and The Daybook both did great ones.

Sidenote: Laicie and her husband, Mark, created Dough Uprising. Their breads and pies are CRAZY GOOD . Mark showed us all how to make a sourdough starter which Laicie shared on the West Elm blog, Front + Main. Lots more photos + sourdough instructions can be found there. If you're local and looking for baked goods, they're at the Urbana Library Farmer's Market in Frederick, MD each Sunday.